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Our story

Collust - Our Studio and story

Modern life can be tough.

We often underestimate the impact that the daily grind can have on us. It can be especially hard to find a place to unwind and be free from the constant advertising, narratives and noise that surround us.

We were founded in the belief that everyone deserves the space to relax. A place to collect one's thoughts and recharge, ready for the next day. We're inspired by the little things, the mundane, the overlooked, the abstract and the sheer determination of humankind to create awesome things. Often the joy arrives from dedication and the minor details in life.

 We believe in humble, considered living.

Utilizing our space to the best of its ability to be more than a room we occupy; to form a habitat, or sanctuary if you will. A place for you to rest and be, well, you.

Take it from us, forming an efficient habitat can be a tricky journey to navigate, especially as our shopping behaviours and expectations evolve. We like to think that we can help you in carrying some of that burden.

Through our expertise, we uniquely source pieces for you to select enabling a curated, creative and seamless shopping experience.

Every piece comes with a money-back guarantee and direct access to our team of support experts to answer any and all questions you may have. Our goal is to make the experience of cultivating your habitat as wonderful as your space itself.

We’re here to inspire confidence in you to make the most of your home, for healthier, happier living.